I bought an iPad Wireless Keyboard (2011 model) a few years ago and paired it with my iPad 2, but in 2013 I put the keyboard in storage as I purchased a Logitech keyboard case that worked well – until recently when some of the keys stopped working.

Apple Wireless KeyboardI pulled the Apple Wireless Keyboard out of storage and tried to connect with my iPad Air. Not happening.

I have an iMac with its own Apple Wireless Keyboard, but turning them off didn’t work. I tried everything.

To make a long story short, I was surrounded by bluetooth signals: iPhone 5s, iPad Mini, etc. so I exited my apartment with the Apple Wireless Keyboard and iPad Air in-hand and walked far enough that none of my apartment’s bluetooth signals could reach me and then tried to pair them together.

Worked like a charm.

After reflection, my keyboard was most likely paired with my Apple TV, which was not turned on and didn’t show up in the bluetooth list.


The Changes Within Apple

by Gregory on June 14, 2014

Here’s an insightfull piece by John Gruber of Daring Fireball that, in my estimation, hits the mark with how Tim Cook is making changes within Apple.

As the Cook era as Apple’s CEO unfolds, what we’re seeing is something we didn’t know, and I think few expected. Something I never even considered:

Tim Cook is improving Apple’s internal operational efficiency.

The entire article, Only Apple, is very well written and worth reading.


Scanner Pro Review

6 January 2014

I started using the Scanner Pro app on my Hawaiian vacation to document all my receipts that were charged to one of my credit cards or my debit card. Scanner Pro is a fantastic application for this purpose. I use Quicken software on my home computer to document all my checking and credit card transactions, […]

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Charging my iPhone with a Magicstick

1 December 2013

The Powerocks Super Magicstick is a portable power charger that I use to charge my iPhone when away from power sources, like spending the day at the beach or on a long airplane flight. It’s small and fits easily into a pocket in my backpack. The first time I charged my iPhone 5s with the […]

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Today Summary Error in Notification Center iOS 7

15 November 2013

Ever since the new iOS 7 software came out I’ve noticed a consistent error in Notification Center, or so it appears to me. On the Today Summary tab of Notification Center I am consistently reminded that I have an alarm set. The screenshot collage below illustrates what I am talking about. At the bottom of […]

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Offline Dictation in Mavericks

3 November 2013

I was using my iMac today and tried the dictation feature when a pop-up box appeared. The message was asking me if I wanted to download an enhanced dictation file for off-line use. I downloaded the file, and it was a pretty good size 785 MB. Good thing I have a lot of disk space.

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WP-Admin Problems Fixed with Plugin Deactivation

9 March 2013

I’ve been having a problem with my website. I had switched the type of my hosting service with Go Daddy, and after that switch the problem started. While the site was fast enough, my admin login was slow to the point of not even loading the page. I got on the telephone with Go Daddy […]

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Notetaking with Notability

3 June 2012

I can generate a note with the notetaking app Notability just by clicking the text icon and pressing the dictation button on my iPad third-generation keyboard and then dictating with my voice. Oh how I love the voice dictation. The other really great feature that I found with Notability is that you can record sound […]

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Why I Bought the New iPad (Third-Generation)

28 April 2012

I didn’t automatically purchase the new iPad upon launch, which demonstrates a remarkable degree of restraint on my part. However there were three features that kept popping into my mind, unbidden. Of course these three features were only compelling to me because of my unique situation. That being: I write articles for my two blogs […]

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How to Quickly Find Videos in the Photos App

4 April 2012

I take a fair amount of photos on my iPhone 4S, but I also shoot 1080 P video as well, which takes up a lot of space. And while photos don’t count towards your iCloud storage, the videos do. So to keep from going over my 5 GB “free” storage allotment in iCloud, there are […]

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