The Lion Roars and I’m Scared

by Gregory on October 9, 2011

Lion OS XI am relatively new to the Mac family, having bought my MacBook Pro last April. During my Windows years I learned one immutable fact: never upgrade to a new operating system until the first service pack comes out.

Although Apple is not Microsoft, my “newness” to OS X generated some trepidation towards a upgrade to Lion from Snow Leopard. My strategy was to take a wait and see approach. How well would Lion be received by the tech community?

A couple of weeks prior to its release I began bookmarking articles about Lion. Most of them were about various ways to prepare your computer for the upgrade. One article had me checking programs that use PowerPC, which is not compatible with Lion.

Here is where it starts to get scary.

I found out that Microsoft Query, a little-known program within Microsoft Excel, uses PowerPC. Consequently I wrote an article on my Excel blog that received a serious spike in web traffic due to the buzz surrounding the release of Lion. One side-effect of this was a couple of comments articulating how Lion installations had gone terribly wrong.

These seemed to be isolated incidents and not indicative of the overall Lion upgrade experience (as far as I could tell by reading the tech blogs). Yet daunting nonetheless, and an effective counterbalance to my thoughtless enthusiasm to a quick upgrade process.

Another thing I found out was that having a Bootcamp disk partition (for Windows) could throw a wrench into the gears of the upgrade process. This fear was assuaged by an Apple post on how to get around this potential glitch.

Ultimately I’ve decided to upgrade to Lion. Encouraged by all the information out there helping me to prepare, install, and deal with the new features of Lion.

My next article will articulate my preparation and upgrade to OS X Lion. I’ll leave you with some of my favorite Lion blog posts.

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