Line Voltage Requirements for iPad and iPhone – Charge Internationally

by Gregory on May 26, 2011

I live in the USA and was planning a trip to Dublin, Ireland so I thought it prudent to check if my MacBook Pro, iPad 2 and iPhone 4 would need any special electrical connections. I quickly found the power supply in Ireland to be 230V and 50Hz, which is far different than the 120V and 60Hz used in the USA.

Since I spent some time in the UK a few years ago I already had a plug adapter, which is simply a three-pronged male connector that goes into the wall socket and has female sockets on the other side that fit any USA electrical plug configuration. There is no power conversion going on here.

Plug Adapter Web

I checked the Apple website and quickly found the MacBook Pro tech specs, which clearly show the electrical requirement for Line Voltage: 100V to 240V AC and Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz. This means that I have no worries because the MacBook Pro will handle the 230v, 50hz power supply in Ireland.

But the question I had a hard time finding out was “Can I plug my iPad directly into the power supply in Ireland?” I couldn’t find this information on the Apple website and the forum information was murky at best.

I looked at my iPad 2 documentation and checked the writing on the box but couldn’t find any reference to the the electrical requirements.

Then I called Apple Care and the representative really didn’t know either. How strange.

And then I recalled seeing some writing on the 10W USB Power Adapter for the iPad. And lo and behold, after dragging out my Loupe to see what was written, it was clear that I can safely plug my iPad into a wall socket in Ireland without fear of burning it to a crisp.

iPad Electrical Requirements – 10W USB Power Adapter

Here’s a photo of the electrical requirements for the iPad off the 10W USB Power Adapter.

Input Voltage iPad

In case you can’t read that, the key point is Input: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, which means international use.

iPhone 4 Electrical Requirements – Apple USB Power Adapter

Here’s the input voltage requirements for the iPhone 4.

Input Voltage iPhone 4

Input: 100-240V, 56/60 Hz, good for international use.

The Bottom Line – International Use

These two power adapters have some really small print that tell you they will handle a power supply in the USA, Ireland, the UK, Europe or just about anywhere else. So as long as you use these Apple USB Power Adapters be worry free to use the power supply internationally. Just make sure you have the right adapter so you can plug into the wall socket.

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