News of Note this Week

by Gregory on February 4, 2011

Here some tech news articles I earmarked for perusal this week.

News of Note

The Mobile Tsunami Is Near
Interesting graphs from Cisco data on the growth of Mobile data.

Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans Start to Disappear
Mozy changes its tune.

Microsoft’s Bing uses Google search results—and denies it
Google’s blog tells a one-sided story that rings true.

How to Opt Out of Receiving the Yellow Pages
Useful way to save the planet and put more printing companies on life-support.

The Daily for iPad Arrives
Get it free for two weeks and decide for yourself.  For me, the jury is still out.

Learn some stuff about the Verizon iPhone from David Pouge
Text messages longer than 160 characters get split on non-Verizon phones.

How We Use Our Phones
Nice graphic that says a lot.

Verizon Set To Throttle Thousands Of iPhone Users
Verizon jumps ahead of the curve and makes a policy change:

… the company will deliberately start reducing download speeds for its heaviest users, the top 5% consumers of data.

iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Lead Verizon to Sales Record
Pre-orders sell out in two hours.

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