Interesting Headlines This Week

by Gregory on January 20, 2011

A few articles that caught my eye this week.

vLatte Tech Life NewsWTF is Wrong with the NY Times
After reading this article at the New York Times, I was flabbergasted at how biased and out of touch with reality Joe Nocera is regarding the iPhone. Thankfully, Rob Walsh took issue and called him on the carpet. I couldn’t agree more, Rob.

Jobs Takes a Leave of Absence
Apple won’t be quite the same, but no worries here, except to wish Steve Jobs nothing but the best for his health.

Microsoft Releases OneNote, Its First Office App for iPhone
Even though I don’t have the OneNote desktop program, I had to check out this iPhone app since it’s free and I can use the OneNote Web App with any notes I create. I like the snappy design with checkboxes and bullets, and photos, but navigation isn’t that great and Evernote is a much better notes app (and service).

AirView Streams Media from One iOS Device to Another via AirPlay
I was able to use this free app to stream a movie from my iPhone to my iPad, but it failed the other way around. And I couldn’t stream from my MacBook Pro to either iOS device. Bummer.

Apple Q1 2011: Apple Wins Christmas
We all know about Apple’s fantastic results, but this article is worth it just for the graphs.

Starbucks Starts Accepting Mobile Payments Nationwide
Since I live in the great northwest and have been know to use vlatte (short for vanilla latte) quite a bit, Wednesday morning I used my Starbucks Mobile App to purchase a couple of vanilla latte’s at my local Starbucks directly from my iPhone. Convenience electronically personified.

Google Voice Now Lets You Bring Your Own Number
This topic is overhyped. You have to have more than one phone for this to work. I mean if you port your current number to Google Voice (for $20) your existing service is canceled and Google isn’t in the phone business so you have to get another number and a service plan, plus deal with early termination fees and transfer delays. Where’s the allure in that?

Apple Releases Second Beta of iOS 4.3 to Developers
Apple indicated that 4-finger and 5-finger swipes were only there for the developers to play with and won’t be included in the release of iOS 4.3. That’s a major disappointment. I was looking forward to this feature.

AT&T Simplifying Texting Plans, Enlisting Best Buy in Battle Against Verizon iPhone
This is noteworthy because my AT&T texting plan may change on 23 January if what they say here is true.

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